In the Beginning

Situated in the Needling Hills, approximately 120Km from Perth East of York, WhiteGum Farm was bought in 2000 and has under gone several transformations. Over the years, we have planted over 1000 olive trees for oil and fruit production, created over 5km of bush tracks to explore and continually upgraded the runways and park facilities.

By 2006, Hanger 2 was being built

The runways were laid out and Hanger 2 was built to house Sky Sports Flying School, with Gordon the CFI, keen to give his business a new home.

Within a year Hanger 3 was built, and over the next few years the Airfield and Caravan Park started to take shape.

Our old onsite vans were replaced by 8 Cabins. Ranging from single rooms for overnight students, to the fully insulated and air-conditioned, self-contained 'Dragonfly' room.

We are continually updating, improving and adding to the facilities here, with plans to expand the number of powered van sites, and build a nice new, larger amenities block in the centre of the Park area.

Lake Kimberley

Lake Kimberley was born. After a year of problems with the old Dozer, the taps were turned on and the lake began to fill. Early in 2014 the lake was stocked with 6 adult Silver Perch and 1100 fingerlings. Also over 100 small WA Marron.

The original fingerlings are starting to get to a decent size, they are not quite big enough for the pan yet! but they are still fun to catch. And the 6 adult fish have started to spawn, and we all look forward to tasting them soon.

What we do Best

Events, here at the farm we host several annual events, from National Fly-ins, Air Shows, to Caravan Club weekends and Cycling clubs that ride out all the way from Perth. We pride ourselves on being flexible, and being able to adapt to the needs of any Event or Function.

Whether it’s a birthday party for you, and a handful of your closest friends and family. Or a major event attracting hundreds of people, we have the facility and the ability to make it happen at WhiteGum Farm.

What the Future holds

In 2015, WhiteGum Farm had it's application to build a Bar and Grill over looking the Lake area approved. We hope to start construction of this latest addition in the not to distant future.

The Future looks Bright!