We have developed a 30 million litre lake, Lake Kimberley, and it has been stocked with Silver Perch and WA Marron. Although they are still a year or two way from the pan, and we ask that you only catch and release. we encourage you to come and get them used to being caught!

WhiteGum Farm Flight Facility is the largest, privately owned flight facility in Western Australia. Either Fly-in for morning coffee or stay for the weekend, or if you're not a Pilot yet, drive in for some lessons at Sky Sports Flying School. WhiteGum farm has 2 runways and is a registered airfield, YWGM. There as five large fully enclosed hangars available to store your aircraft.

Come and see our beautiful bush lands and native animals. Here at WhiteGum Farm, we play host to a wide variety of orphaned animals, with the goal of releasing them back to the wild, in a safe environment.

Western Australia's broad climatic range sees more than 12,000 wildflower species colour the state's landscape for about five months of the year - one of Australia's longest wildflower seasons.
Vibrant clusters and spectacular blankets adorn the ground, best appreciated during August and September

Operating between April and November, Windward invites you to experience the romance and adventure of the worlds oldest and most pure form of flight. Departing from Northam, a short drive from WhiteGum Farm, flights lift off just before sunrise, allowing you to witness from the air the first signs of dawn shedding light over the patchwork of colours within the Avon Valley. for more infomation please visit their web site

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