About Us

Situated in the Needling Hills, approximately 120Km from Perth (East of York).  Whitegum Farm was purchased in 2000 and has undergone several transformations.  Over the years, we have planted over 1000 olive trees for oil and fruit production, created over 5km of bush tracks to explore and continually upgraded the runways and Caravan Park facilities.

WhiteGum Farm Caravan park and Air Park

In the Beginning

The runways were laid out and Hanger 2 was built to house Sky Sports Flying School.

Within a year Hanger 3 was built, and over the next few years the Airfield and Caravan Park started to take shape.

Our old onsite vans were replaced by 8 Cabins. Ranging from single rooms for overnight students, to the fully insulated and air-conditioned, self-contained 'Dragonfly' room.

WhiteGum Farm Caravan park and Air Park

By 2006, Hanger 2 was being built

In 2019 we completed and opened our Restaurant & Bar which is fully licensed and serving a high quality traditional pub menu.

We are continually updating, improving and adding to the facilities and several years ago built a new amenities block in the centre of the Park.  

WhiteGum Farm Caravan park and Air Park

Lake Kimberley Bar & Grill