We offer cabins in a pleasant, shaded environment.



Phone reception

TV reception







Fire pits

Kids playground

Rubbish disposal

Picnic benches

Shade trees

Bird Watching


Drinking Water

Amenities and Activities


All supplied with bedding linen, pillows, sheets, blankets & towels. Some Cabins have their own toilet and shower, TV, air conditioner or a fan. Some have a fridge, a microwave, a toaster and a kettle. Please ask at the time of reservation.

Check-In Time
Check-in time is after 10am. Earlier times maybe available on request. Please confirm this at the time of reservation.

Late Check-in
Late Check-in, you should be here before the sunsets. And if you are driving in and out close to sunset, or after dark, PLEASE mind our Roo's, not all of them are fenced in, most of them were hand reard and are still considered to be our 'pets'! Later times maybe available to repeat visitors.

Check-Out Time
Check-out time is before 10am. Later times maybe available on request. Please confirm this at the time of reservation.

Cabin Bookings
Cabins a usually allocated at the time of reservation, depending on availability. Although management will endeavour to hold the cabin for you. Management cannot guarantee any cabin allocation due to circumstances that may arise after your booking has been made.

WhiteGum Farm Caravan park and Air Park


Long Term Storage
We can offer long term storage for your bus, motorhome or caravan. Have yourself a permanent sites to store your van on, and you can use it as a weekend retreat.

Power is Limited
Due to the Rural Location of the property our power is limited! , during busy and peak periods guests will need to be Energy Conscious, to minimise any impact. Thank You for under standing.
There are plenty of wood and gas BBQs around the Park that can be used, wood is available, if you need them.
Dogs Are Seasonal
Please ask permission to bring your animals.

Kangaroo Sanctuary
We are a registered Kangaroo Sanctuary, and we love all our Roo's like they are our own children. Most of them were hand reared as orphans, or they are the Joeys of our hand reared orphans. Some are kept safe in our Roo enclosure, but most are left to roam free around the farm. And if you quietly follow the signs up to the Edge, you will most likely catch a glimpse of one or three of them.

Speed Limits
Like ALL caravan parks, we have speed limits. Please obey them day and night.

Group Bookings, Functions & Events
Please note, that in most cases the above conditions may not or will not apply. Please check with your coordinator for terms and conditions that relate to your reservations.

We have lots of wildlife such as birds like owls and emus, we have lizards and kangaroos, and we are a farm with sheep, chickens and other live stock. Sorry no pets without permission

WhiteGum Farm Caravan park and Air Park

Important Information